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Home - Embroidery Business from HomeClick Image To Visit SiteIncludes complete business model with information on embroidery machine and software equipment with price comparison and industry secrets, steps to follow, initial investment analysis, detailed marketing strategy, additional income ideas and much more.

Learn how to create perfect embroidery designs by your own! Stitch types, basic digitizing, monogramming, editing plus advanced digitizing techniques, everything a professional digitizer needs to know.

You will learn everything about different types of machines and embroidery software with prices and industry inside info. Buy your starting equipment safely by knowing exactly what each brand has to offer. Also, detailed information on other starting equipment and services you will need.

I digitize 10 embroidery designs of increasing difficulty and explain every step analytically for you in 10 High Definition training Videos.

By purchasing the course you will also receive ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE 40 high quality embroidery designs in 6 different machine formats to match your embroidery machine! That is a total of 240 design files of $183 estimated value FOR FREE!!

I share all the secrets of the industry plus the secrets of the work. NO-ONE will give you this information, and of course you will not find it anywhere else, in no book, course, website or video, simply because no-one will be willing to share.

This course is addressed to both beginners and experienced embroiderers. It starts from scratch, but it goes up to advanced digitizing techniques, plus it includes smart marketing techniques and industry secrets that can be used to start or to expand your embroidery business

Your purchase is 100% safe, and if you face any problem at all and decide to return the course, you can do so in 60 Days after purchase. Clickbank, the biggest payment processing and affiliate network in the world, guarantees this policy for you.

Are you ready to take the first step in making extra income from home? Are you tired of “make easy money online” scams? Learn how to start a legitimate embroidery business from home.

Add to cart and see my limited time offer for extra stuff worth of $183 that you will receive for Free

40 high quality, ready-to-be-stitched embroidery designs are included in the course for FREE. Designs from various categories including country flags, a lovely cupcake, a beer, Christmas related designs, embroideries of Rihanna and Lebron James and much more!! The estimated price for those 40 high quality designs is $183, but they will be yours absolutely FREE for LIMITED TIME along with the course! You can see a small sample of them below. To see and download the full catalog for free click here.

I do not claim to be the best marketer or the best embroiderer in the world. I am a regular guy like you, who happened to be involved in the embroidery industry. I am interested in embroidery as well as marketing, and I am trying to do my best, in order to improve myself, and to help others achieve their dreams through embroidery related businesses.

I have more than 10 years of experience in a major embroidery related company, as a trainer, sales manager and product manager. I also help many people start their embroidery business from home for extra income, or as a main occupation. I myself run a part-time embroidery business from my home, which brings me a relatively high income! I will not get into numbers, but I can tell you that I can live very easily, without doing anything else!

I decided to write this course in order to pass this knowledge to other people, who, like me, would like to follow the magic path of embroidery business from the comfort of their home, and make an easy living out of it. I started writing this course because I like teaching, I like passing knowledge to others, and more importantly, I like seeing people happy. I am not scared that you will steal my customers like other embroidery professionals, simply because the internet embroidery business industry keeps doubling itself every decade, as you will see in the industry analysis in my books, so there is enough space for everyone out there, as long as you have the knowledge and the industry secrets, and you value your customers. Let me pass you the knowledge and the industry secrets through my many-year experience in the heart of the industry, and you just be a professional and value your customers. This is the path to success.

My goal is not to make money out of this course, but to help people achieve their dreams, and have a substantial income. That is why I am offering the course in the lowest possible price, plus I offer so many extra things, like the 40 FREE designs to help you in your first steps, while others would definitely have sold them as an extra for a very high price, simply because they are trying to live out of their books.

My coaching has helped many people create their own home business. You can be the next one. Start with my course today and access more than 3.5 hours of HD digitizing video training for free!

Many  people have taken the first step, and are already making extra income out of their home businesses. Enter the industry Now, before its too late. Read how much time you have before it becomes saturated. Order safely with the 60 days money back guaranty.

Fill in your name and e-mail address, and you will instantly receive 2 high quality embroidery designs absolutely for Free! You will also subscribe for Free to my newsletter, where you will receive news about the embroidery home industry, plus exclusive, members-only offers!

For your convenience you will receive the designs in 6 different formats to match your embroidery machine. That means you will get 12 files for Free! You will also need to enter the correct captcha.

The designs will be delivered to your e-mail in seconds… Read more…

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