BTMA Wealth Builders Club- Master B (1/24/2018) – Beat The Market Analyzer

BTMA Wealth Builders Club- Master B (1/24/2018) - Beat The Market AnalyzerClick Image To Visit SiteFor every month from the year 2000 to present day, the BTMA analysis system has beaten the market over 85% of the time.

This is the time-weighted return result of a real account using the BTMA stock-picking method over the course of multiple years. (click chart to enlarge it) 

"I’ve been using the BTMA Stock Spreadsheet and following Grant’s investment advice as a member of the BTMA Wealth Builders Club for about a year. In the past, I had experience as a real estate investor and stock investor, but I had never achieved the tremendous return on investments that I’m now receiving with the BTMA products.

From January 1st to October 6th (or less than 10 months), my return was an astounding 50.6% compared to just 6.3% return with the S&P. There are not many investments vehicles, if any, where you can achieve these kinds of results consistently. The BTMA is an amazing product and it is hard to find better customer service than what Grant offers!" – Dimo Demirev (Ft. Myers, FL)

(My client Donald, started using the BTMA system on 5/17/2016. You can see his progress over 7 months…)

“Grant, I have been wanting to give you an update, I have been very pleased using the BTMA program. Here is what I have done so far. 5-19-16 – 5-31-16 BBBY 5.98% gain 6-17-16 – 7-11-16 BBBY 5.06% gain 9-16-16 – 9-22-16 FOSL 8.44% gain 9-26-16 – 10-5-16 BBBY 5.11% gain 10-13-16 – 11-10-16 BBBY 5.0% gain 10-28-16 – 11-9-16 WDR 9.81% gain 12-22-16 – 1-4-17 PDLI 5.21% gain

"I’m loving the tool so far. It used to take me good 10-15 minutes just to run the numbers for one stock, now… seconds for thousands. I know it’s accurate, because 3 stocks that I have found to be good buys on my own that I’ve started watching are also on your recommended buy list from the tool.

My wife and kids will already be thankful for the extra family time I’ll now be able to give them, not to mention the extra sleep I’ll be able to get, since most of the time I try to do the stock analysis after the kids are asleep. Needing to give the time back to my family was the number one reason why I started looking for the tools online. Very glad to have found yours.

“The BTMA way of investing in a company based on the fundamentals, management, ratings, etc. rather than common trading is more compelling to me than ever before.

BTMA does a great job of reducing the amount of time on screening and picking the best companies to invest in." – Francisco H., Brazil

"Grant surely knows a lot about Value Investing! His BTMA system is the proof of that. I was lucky to try it out and believe me, it’s one of the best systems out there to easily invest in stocks using value-based investing strategies. The lessons I learned from his wisdom inspired me to invest consistently to no longer worry about my future financial needs and retirement. Thank you so much Grant!"

“In the first 5 minutes of BTMA …all I gotta say is, WOW. lightening fast. convenient. exciting..” – Clayton Roberts

“The BTMA Wealth Builders Club refund rate is extremely low and tells us that almost all customers were pleased with the product.” – ( review by Eric David Lough)

"The BTMA investment products provide a system that empowers me to invest in stocks based on rigorous proven benchmarks with safety margins built in.

On top of this, Grant delivers regular feedback on the performance of his own portfolio and useful pricing information on the stocks he buys and sells.

The Wealth Builders Club and the Stock Spreadsheet have taken so much of the hard work out of the investment learning process.

I fully recommend the BTMA investment products if you are looking to work with a leader in investment education, become more savvy in the markets, and enjoy a smoother ride on your money train." – H.W. Glascock III (retired Wall Street Banker, Riggs National Bank, The Irving Trust Company, The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC))

This exclusive Wealth Builders Club is only open at select times. Since we offer highly personal one-on-one mentoring and customer service, we only take on a select number of Wealth Builders at a time.

Right now, the door is open and we are taking new members, but when the door closes, there will be no more access until we are ready to take on more members.

Plus, in an effort to fill up our empty spots quickly, we’re offering a special trial price of $14 for 14 days to try out the Wealth Builders Club. This is a discounted price from our usual $47 per month price and it allows you to get full-access to the Club at a price that anyone can afford.

These reports are not open to the public. They are LOADED with valuable insights of elite companies to invest in that offer the best returns at the lowest risk…

The BTMA Wealth Builders Club comes with a no-questions-asked, no-hassle, sixty days money-back guarantee. If for any reason whatsoever you decide that you aren’t completely satisfied with the product, just email me at Grant (@) or simply reply to any of my emails that you will receive and I’ll buy it back from you for every penny that you paid. Plus you can even keep your bonus gift!

That’s 60 days to put this system to the test – all the risk is on me. I’ve made this offer as fair as I can for you because I’m committed to your satisfaction.

Use the system and begin seeing immediate results… Read more…

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