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Forex MonarchClick Image To Visit SiteDear Trader You are about to get full-blown access to money-making software that’s jammed thousands of dollars into my forex account in the last few months! But I’m not the only one enjoying this success: Scores of beta testers who have little to no experience trading forex have been smiling all the way to the bank, too. The software is extremely EASY to use.

How It Works You simply BUY or SELL when the indicator tells you to. There is NO chart reading. NO technical analysis. NO thinking. Just click BUY or SELL when you’re told to and make money. It’s that simple. You can use it on ANY currency chart anywhere from the 15-minute to daily time-frames and it will pinpoint profitable trades for you all day long.

What’s special about it is that it has a smart entry and exit system that detects when a trend is about to begin and about to end.

I’ll explain what happens behind the scenes later. There is a ton of stuff going inside the code of this tool.

But, for now, know that if you’re serious about making SERIOUS money from forex, you ought to pay attention to everything in this letter because you can change your fortune in as little as just a few weeks from now!

You don’t know how annoyed I was in the past when I would follow the signals of some software which was marketed as my financial savior only to realize it helped plunge me deeper in financial ruin because the signals actually REPAINTED.

I warned my developers to make sure the signals stay fixed because I have a lot of money at stake in my own trading accounts.

I just CANNOT afford to have my own software reduce what I’ve built up over the years because of faulty programming.

Plus, I will always be on top of my game: As soon as we find ways to make the indicator better, it will be immediately updated. Yes, always cutting edge!

And if you’ve been trading for a long time but you’re tired of analyzing and guessing which way the market will go, let the indicator do it for you.

I got my first taste of forex when I was, like you, trying to make extra money to take care of my family. But I soon got disillusioned with what was out there. All the so-called experts promised to lead me to forex bliss but overall, I ended up being more confused.

I studied the markets deeply. And I was mentored by institutional traders who showed me a totally different world of trading that was foreign to ‘gurus’ and the fake experts who were never even profitable traders.

I have to admit to you that I am lazy, yes. I really like everything to be just simple where all I have to do is click a button and make money. Well, I am OK if it actually takes 2 or 3 clicks of a button, not more! But it must make some truly good money then!

And that’s why over the years, I’ve gotten a lot of testimonials from people who are just so happy with my products because of the ease with which they can take money from the forex markets after struggling for so long.

Want to see what traders have to say about my products? Head over to my blog at and read more than 300 amazing comments under the post called “Best Karl Dittmann Products”…

Now, when you’ve got to know me a little better, let me shed some light into how this software works…

This indicator is equipped with a predictive self-updating algorithm that calculates time and wave cycles depending on the timeframe you are trading on..

The magic occurs when it predicts with uncanny accuracy where future market turning points are expected.

So, pretty much, the software is projecting what will happen at certain dates and time in the future based on our special complex algorithms and calculations that are happening non-stop inside the code, plus, what’s happened in similar situations in the past.

Therefore, there is almost no room for error, as long as a few super simple trading rules are followed.

If you work a day job, one good trade before going to bed every night that bags you 5% starting with $100, compounded over 90 trading days could possibly bring you over $8,000!

From a tiny $500, you could realistically accumulate up to $15,000 within that timeframe. Another 3 months could easily bump you over the $20,000 mark, and, from there, I would advise to seriously think about trading full-time.

Forex Monarch is custom engineered to satisfy three trading styles: If you are cautious, you can set the indicator to trade for you in a ‘Conservative’ mode. Wish to make your profits faster? No problem: ‘Aggressive’ mode is what you need. However, if you want a mixture of both ‘Conservative’ and ‘Aggressive’, then ‘Medium’ is your ideal setting.

You can also manually slow it down or speed it up depending on your preference by using the ‘Custom’ trading style and adjusting the main parameter.

You can have Quick profits on the 15-Minute all the way to the DAILY timeframes to grow your account rapidly.

There’s No doubt about when to closes trades; you’re told precisely where to get out to lock in profit.

The best way to make a lot of money in a very short space of time is to take EVERY winning trade you can get. But does it mean you have to sit in front of your computer all day long waiting for the software to tell you when to BUY or SELL?

Instead you simply take advantage of one of the 3 built-in alerts that come loaded with the software.

Instead of sitting at your computer all the time, turn the volume up, and get… Read more…

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