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Henna The Beautiful Art Of Making Money - Henna Courses and Mehndi Courses Online.Click Image To Visit SiteWelcome to My Online Henna/Mehndi Course. I have been a Henna/Mehndi Artist for almost 14 years now. Amazing how time fly’s when your having fun :)) pursuing something you are really passionate about. I’ve worked all over the World Applying Henna at Weddings, Festivals and Asian Mela’s. Even teaching at Schools, Colleges and Charitable Societies. The whole lot you name it i’ve done it !! After numerous requests over the years to share my practice and skills i finally decided to sit down and put this Online Henna/Mehendi Course together. I decided on a Online Course so it could reach out to everybody and anybody regardless of their location to be practiced in the comfort of their own home. It is Self Teach with No Time Limit on Learning.

The Course is outlined to you in a practical no nonsense manner by a practising and passionate Henna Artist that would be me πŸ™‚ This Online Course is not just about text book theory everything i teach in this Online Course i follow in practice. It’s all Tried and 100% Tested in the Marketplace. Henna, Mehndi, Mehendi, Mendhi it’s the same thing however you spell it but for simplicity and to save on typing πŸ™‚ i’m gonna use the term Henna Artist throughout this Online Course description. There are a HUGE amount of books and guides available on the market which go into great detail and depth and concentrating on the Origins, History, Culture even the Botanical Makeup of the Henna plant etc etc. This Online Henna Course to put it simply is a practical guide by an artiste who is very active in the Industry if your interested in a detailed explanation of the Henna Plant you may need to look elsewhere. Hey if you are here to learn a skill to potentially increase your income or you are here just for the knowledge or brain food as i like to call it, that’s cool everybody is more than Welcome πŸ™‚ ​Thank you all for visiting this page. For a quick taster of my Online Course i’ve uploaded below one of the training videos from Module 5 you will find it simple and straight to the point please take a peek πŸ™‚ Read more…

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