Trade While You Golf – Make Money On Stocks, Forex, Derivatives, Bonds, ETFs And Other Financial Markets

Trade While You Golf - Make Money On Stocks, Forex, Derivatives, Bonds, ETFs And Other Financial MarketsClick Image To Visit SiteIf you answered yes, you are right. The financial markets (stocks, bonds, derivatives, FOREX, ETFs) can be seen as the biggest multiplayer game in the history of mankind.

As a former videogame designer, implementing complex algorithms in real-world simulation arcades, and current Information and Communication Technology specialist, I’ve spent more than ten years applying my expertise to study all kind of economic settings and finally, after a deep research, I’ve discovered a number of recurring dynamics that make me money on a consistent basis.

But my strategy is not for everyone, you must have four basic requisites that I’m going to explain in a minute.

waiting hours in front of your monitor for an opportunity, only to miss it during a five-minute break;

trade through complex hardware and software configurations, requiring broadband access, often not working behind corporate firewalls;

watching "stray" microtrends, lasting a few minutes, stop or prevent you from opening a position;

and you want to avoid these situations in the future, or if you have no experience in trading, but you still would like to create for yourself a steady income and become wealthy in a relatively short time, then you might be interested in what you’ll learn.

trade only at a preset time of the day, depending on the financial instrument you choose, for less than ten minutes;

insert your entry, stop loss and take profit orders at the same time, then forget about it for the rest of the day;

process data only at closed markets, when the price is not moving, taking all the time you want to ponder your options;

set in advance the risk and reward parameters you are comfortable with, based on simple statistical analysis;

choose your favorite trading instruments from the countless possibilities available on the stock, bonds, derivatives, FOREX and ETFs markets;

keep your day job, spend more time with your family or do whatever you want with your newfound freedom;

If you are interested in any of the above, then you should get a copy of my affordable trading course, explaining in a clear, step-by-step fashion how to reach these goals.

Truth is, most of the others self-proclaimed unbeatable black-box trading systems work only over a short period of time on a particular financial instrument, then the game is over.

This is neither a "robot" running on autopilot, placing the trades for you on an intraday time frame through some complex, error-prone software and/or a complicated setup with your online broker.

My solution will enable you to build and select the trading system that is currently the best on any instrument of your choice, and to define the rules for periodically assessing its performance and update your strategy, if needed.

To sum up the difference between my method and the others available on the market, I use this analogy: the others give you a fish, with my trading course you’ll learn how to fish.

There are four reasons why I’ve decided to publish my program in the shape of an affordable trading course.

Some of my friends kept me asking about it, and I promised them that I would have written an eBook explaining it in full detail. So finally here it is.

Even if someday, by some remote chance, the majority of the world traders and investors will all use my affordable trading course, there will always be a small percentage of contrarians who’ll stay on the other side of the fence, buying when you sell and selling when you buy.

Because of the self-fulfilling prophecy effect, the more people use my method, the more it becomes effective, since a larger number of traders using it would drive the price even more towards the predicted scenario.

I am an admirer of some other authors’ trading and investing programs, and I wanted to give my personal contribution to this fascinating field with my personal trading course.

My trading strategies are covered in full detail in this Adobe Acrobat PDF eBook, containing more than 100 pages in color of step-by-step explanations, tables, figures, charts, examples and case studies, that you can download right away and easily read with the free Adobe Reader or other PDF readers.

This affordable trading course is written for traders of all levels of experience, from the beginner to the pro, so it also contains a section explaining the basic tenets of the financial markets and the services provided by the online brokers, which will get even the less experienced trader up and running in no time.

It comes with three ready-made trading systems on selected tickers that you can use today to start making money online with an investment as low as $200, and it’s also pre-formatted to be fully or partially printed on paper, if you prefer to read in the traditional way.

As I wrote a few lines back, some prerequisites are necessary to successfully implement my method and start to make money on the financial markets. Here they are.

There’s no need to be an engineer like me, after all this is not rocket science. My method doesn’t require that you master complex differential equations, but let’s face it, trading is a commercial activity and all of them, even running a little drugstore, require at least the arithmetic knowledge to keep a set of account books.

If you are able to add, subtract, multiply, divide and fill your own income tax return, you will be able to fully master my method and put it to good use.

The bad news is that all the successful participants in the financial markets are more or less computer-aided, so thinking of outsmarting them armed only with pencil and paper is overly optimistic.

The good news is that you won’t need to buy expensive software, but a simple knowledge of popular spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel, Star Office or Open Office, preferably with macro programming skills, will put you in condition to… Read more…

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