MajorAVClick Image To Visit SiteClick "Start Scan" to fully detect computer health with system safety, stability and speed. Quickly and easily analyze system diagnostic procedure just in minutes and get a Diagnostic Report.

Choose to disable or remove items to improve the startup speed. Enhance startup and running speed, decrease stuck and frozen by adjusting startup parameters.

Improve startup speed by shutting up those items and programs running silently at system startup which will lower startup speed. Mainly including: Startup, Scheduled Task, System Service.

Adopts advanced cloudy technology and based on a huge and comprehensive database to update outdated drivers and fix driver problems with extremely fast speed. It also can make hardware play a better role and computer run more perfectly.

Clear temporary files, junk files of system operation process, reduce system redundance, gain more available disk space and allow programs to run faster and more efficiently. Read more…

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