Anchor Point Diner is a proudly Filipino-created grill business that boasts a far-reaching array of glorious food interconnected with smart aesthetics and peculiarity service! Themed with sea excursion and modern-classical styles that were all fake from loyalty and Christian faith. A ideal multiple that certainly give business that one of a kind dining experience!

Anchor Point Diner started on Feb 2016 as a tiny caf� in a multiplying city of Mataasnakahoy, Batangas.

Created by a seafarer and together with a assistance of his childhood friends, a grill fast gained recognition with a far-reaching array of food favorites and smart wall humanities portraying sea voyages and travels.

Everything from flavors to operations and systems were all formed on practice and needs of it’s customers, grown and softened by time and demand.

The initial authorization started on Jan 2017 and was fast followed by several branches. Now, Anchor Point Diner operates 4 Branches and Calabarzon and 1 in Mandaluyong City.

Anchor Point Diner’s goal is to move good peculiarity food and dining knowledge to business with reasonable and affordable prices. To share a views and knowledge of a sea excursion by humanities and judgment and broach peculiarity use around good lerned organisation and employees.

We envisions to be labeled as one of a tip eminent caf� not usually in a segment though in a nation as well. To be means to put adult branches and authorization stores to share a mission. And we aspire to be one of a tip sum sellers in a line of business. Create other businesses models aside from grill and dining establishments alone.

How to authorization Anchor Point Diner:

Anchor Point Diner are now formulation to enhance their business by opening some-more branches national by association and franchising opportunities.

Advantages of Anchor Point Diner Franchise

  • Trendy and Excellent Food Favorites
  • Commissary Based Quality
  • Low Cost Investment and Guaranteed Profit
  • Simple and Complete Franchise Process
  • Visual and Digital Marketing
  • Post Opening Monitoring and Continual Support

Contact Details of Anchor Point Diner:

Anchor Point Foods Corp. (Main Office)
Victor Templo St., Brgy IV, Mataasnakahoy,
Batangas City, Philippines
Telephone No.: (043) 461-2634
Mobile No.: (0977)887-7708 / (0997)798-6299
Email: [email protected]
Website: (This couple will open on a new window)

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