Are You Truly Prepared For Everything That Comes With Retirement?What if you were told that your biggest retirement threat is not inflation, health care costs, or running out of money? I know the dollars and cents are what everyone is talking about! Things like, how much you need to save, how long your money will last, and whether or not you have the right asset allocation. While those things are important, what no one is telling you about retirement is that each one of those planning factors pale in comparison to running out of family, friends, and good health.

It’s time to re-envision retirement in terms of you and your overall wellness. I’m talking about preparing your body, mind, and spirit for everyday life in retirement. If you’ve ever wondered why some people seem to transition seamlessly into this next phase of life, while others end up lost or isolated… it’s hardly ever a matter of not having enough saved.

"I never expected retirement planning to be so personal and creative. Getting naked was so empowering." Pat W.

Living a passionate life can undoubtedly put you in an exclusive club, but many people don’t have a process for uncovering their passion in retirement. This can be particularly tough for people who have sacrificed so much by working long hours and saving diligently. As you will see in the guide, I came across an amazing formula that is both simple and profound. With three simple steps and a few minutes of your time, you’ll be positioned to not only change your retirement but also be a positive influence in the lives of those around you.

Another thing I have learned and that no one is telling you about retirement is that it’s changing in ways no one ever expected. At a time of life when most people are struggling with what to do and how to fill their time, more and more people are turning their passions and hobbies into extra cash in their pockets. It’s one of the hottest trends that you don’t want to miss out on… or be the last one to figure out. Furthermore, as you’ll see in the guide, I consider entrepreneurship an essential investment that everyone need to consider. HINT: Your entire life savings should NOT be in the stock market

But here’s the thing. Starting a business in retirement is very different than anything you have ever done. It’s not only more fun and engaging, but also valuable… If you do it the right way. That’s why we are including it for you.

I wish I could tell you that everything about retirement is perfect but the reality is, it can come with some unanswered questions, including more personal situations that can cause unnecessary worry and anxiety.

I can share with you that you’re not alone in your thoughts or concerns. Topics such as divorce, adult children, retirement timing, beneficiary designations, and more come up on a regular basis. So much so that we created this guide to help you better examine them.

Part-time work and volunteering are two of the most popular things people plan to do once they retire. While both can go a long way to help retirees fill their time, replace their work identity, help others, and provide financial benefits, both can also come with challenges that are seldom talked about, let alone planned for.

As a result, retirees can find themselves frustrated with the part-time job market, the level of satisfaction their work or volunteer efforts provide, and may even regret their decision to retire and use one or both of these options to help… Read more…

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