Stained Glass or popularly famous currently as Art Glass are customarily seen in some oppulance homes, blurb buildings, and places of worship. It is traditionally done in prosaic panels and used as windows. We customarily marvel a beauty of church windows with a stained potion depiction of several saints. We mostly consternation if we could do a same with a windows or make a possess designs with stained glass. In this activity, we will uncover how easy it is to make your possess stained glass.

Tools and Materials:

  • Cellophane sheet
  • about 375g Pre-mixed resin
  • about 200g pre-mixed transparent expel creosote for coloring
  • 125g chopped Strand fiberglass pad #230 or 300
  • 7.5g Hardener for a pre-mixed resin
  • 5g any Toner or dyes (yellow, orange, green)
  • Disposable consistent cups
  • Disposable stirring rods
  • 5″ x 9″ Flat steel bar support (1/16? density x 182? breadth x 20′ length)
  • 4g Hardener for a transparent expel creosote to be used for dyeing
  • Scissors
  • Sandpaper

Reminder: The volume of pre-mixed creosote to be used depends on a preferred distance of a support model. Just follow this suit in estimating a mixture: 3 tools pre-mixed creosote : 1 partial chopped strand fiberglass mat. Hardener is 2% of a creosote weight.

Procedure in making Stained Glass:

1. Shape a prosaic steel bar into a flower. Make certain that a segments are sealed to equivocate seeping or painted creosote after into any segment.

2. Meanwhile, cut a cellophane piece incomparable than a metal-framed flower pattern for stained glass. Crumple and afterwards widespread a cellophane sheet. You might also leave a cellophane flat, that will not give a crumpled texture.

3. In a disposable cup, brew 7.5g hardener into 300g pre-mixed resin. Stir.

4. Lay prosaic a chopped stretched fiberglass pad into a widespread cellophane sheet. Pour a creosote on tip of a fiberglass. Spread uniformly with a stirrer.

5. Once a fiberglass has been scrupulously jam-packed with creosote (the fiberglass becomes translucent), lay a flower support unto a soppy fiberglass mat. Place a weight on a support to keep a cellophane flat. Let creosote dry for 15-20 minutes.

6. In apart disposable cups, brew a dyes with pre-mixed resin. (Estimate a placement of a reduction depending on a design.)

7. Mix a sum of 4g hardener o a painted creosote and flow into any mold or shred of a flower frame. Allow to cure.

8. Peel/tear a cellophane after a creosote has entirely cured, cut a additional fiberglass mat. Sand a severe edges of a stained glass. You now have your stained potion flower decor.

Reminder: Mix dyes entirely into creosote before consistent a MEKP hardener that can be whiten colors. Take note of your plan in consistent colors for consistency.

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