Masterhouse HK Noodle Foodcart Franchise


  • Masterhouse HK Noodle Foodcart Franchise.
  • Gulaman, Red Iced Tea, other drinks preferred by foodcart owner

Foodcart Package: P35,000

Inclusive of:

  • Standard Cart
  • Tepanyaki Griddle
  • Steamer (electric), 2 layer
  • Utensils (tong, spatula, egg ring)
  • Wares (sauce dispenser, round container)
  • Acrylic Juice Container
  • Weighing Scale
  • Crew shirt and apron
  • CD (Video and manuals)
  • Initial food inventory worth P1,000
  • Tarpaulin banner 2 x 5 ft.

No Franchise Fee, No Royalty Fee, No Hidden fees

FoodcartLink Services

Tel: (02) 340-0156, CP# 0922-862-6154, 0921-9513522


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