Passion for Happiness! We wish to move pleasant knowledge in any crater of Over Mango! Since a Philippines is a pleasant nation and Mango is one of a few products that we are famous for and we supply in many tools of a world. The group behind Over Mango motionless to prominence a Philippine pride, a really possess “Mango” in a new twist!

The contentment in supply is only one, though we Filipinos are famous for a skill and being honeyed tooth, so over a years we rise flavors that is “Uniquely Pinoy” for a likes of Mango-Graham Cake and products of this sort. And this has been partial of any pinoy family gathering. This inspires us to move informed flavors such as “Mango Graham Overload” and other flavors that suits a immature and distinguish ambience buds of a pinoy market.

To move a cupful of pleasant knowledge in any crater of Over Mango products to any customer, a business event to a partners and shareholders and expansion opportunities to all a people.

To turn a elite code of Mango dessert in a Philippines and to turn a tolerable new business try that emanate new product and marketplace opportunities highlighting a Philippine code and products in a tellurian scale.

How to authorization Over Mango:

Franchise Fee: For as low as Php100,000.00


  • Capital Requirements: Php300,000.00 – Php350,000.00
  • Projected ROI Period: 6 months to 1 year
  • Franchise Terms: 4 years (Subject to renewal) / 25% renovation fee
  • Royalty Fee: Php3,000.00 (1-2 years) / Php3,500.00 (3-4 years)
  • Space Requirements: Minimum of 4 sqm.


  • Capital Requirements: Php350,000.00 – Php400,000.00
  • Projected ROI Period: 6 months to 1 year
  • Franchise Terms: 4 years (Subject to renewal) / 25% renovation fee
  • Royalty Fee: Php3,000.00 (1-2 years) / Php3,500.00 (3-4 years)
  • Space Requirements: Maximum of 6.25 sqm.


1. Right to use “Over Mango” Trade Mark, Logos, Mix and Product Line.
2. Operations Manual including day-to-day operation procedures from blending inventory, opening and shutting procedure, order-taking, money government and record-keeping and patron management.
3. Location assistance, site analysis and approval.
4. Initial training and one set uniforms of 2 organisation members.
5. Store set-up assistance.
6. Pre-opening and opening day Marketing Assistance.
7. Opening selling support and 500 pcs. flyer.
8. Ongoing selling support.
9. Ongoing investigate and growth and support for new products, methods and business system.


1. Submit a minute of vigilant to [email protected] Please prove your due location/s.
2. We will send we an focus form.
3. Submit focus form together with Php25,000 non-refundable estimate fee. (This will be deducted from a authorization package cost if we wish to ensue with a focus process.)
4. Upon acquiescence of above requirement, we can ensue with initial assembly and afterwards site evaluation.
5. We will pointer a authorization agreement and we will compensate a full authorization fee.
6. You will sequence all apparatus and initial stocks.
7. Wait 3-4 weeks for kiosk construction, sequence equipment, furniture, tie and initial stocks.
8. Congratulations! You are now prepared to open your possess Over Mango Business.

Contact Details of Over Mango:

Titans Business Ventures Corp.
#59 FCK Building Road 3, Project 6,
Quezon City, Philippines
Contact Person: Ms. Mae Acebes
Contact Nos.: (02) 990-5243 / (02) 281-8520
Mobile Nos.: (0925)526-2664 / (0917)651-7091
Email: [email protected]

Unit 11, St. Patrick Square,
Don Ramon Aboitiz St., Cebu City
Contact No.: (032) 254-2473

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