Koffee Concept, is a provider of indiscriminate coffee and espresso equipment, Café startup packages and government systems. We are a placement association carrying general brands globally famous and reputable in a coffee and cooking industries.

Koffee Concept, is committed to providing business opportunities to new entrepreneurs meddlesome in entering a coffee attention while giving existent businesses a venue for expanding and improving their investments.

By dedicated use to a Filipino investor, Koffee Concept, will work for a fortifying of a provision of internal coffee farmers and generating larger pursuit opportunities to internal communities.

Piazza Victoria is bringing we a many affordable and fastest Return of Investment.


  • Salons,   Country Clubs,   Restaurants,   Franchise Business,   Villages,   Communities,   Gas Stations, etc.

Espresso Bar Package: P35,000

  • No authorization fee
  • No kingship fee


40 Dangay Street, Project 7, Quezon City
Tel: (02) 371-0884 or 63
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.koffeeconcept.com

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