READY SET START – The EbookMany people are deep in debt, struggling financially and working at a job they dislike. Each month, there is barely enough money left from their paycheck, to enjoy their lives. They have little or no savings and live in fear of their financial future. Financial freedom is about having enough money to pay for your lifestyle, without any stress. Most people are taught to study, get a job, retire when old and then die. This path is not the road that an Entrepreneur follows.

“This book was really helpful for me. I’m in a position where I want to start my own business and my journey as an entrepreneur. Ready Set Start gave me valuable tools and tips and I really recommended it if you are in a place where you need guidance. The book also changed my mindset in a positive way towards the job I have today and how it could benefit the start of my entrepreneurial life”

“A phenomenal and easy-to-read book that is easy to apply in your own life. Jonathan Bachew is both concrete and personal in his advice about entrepreneurship, giving it a perfect balance. You are taken on a trip where you get important keys on how to become a successful entrepreneur. I myself have been able to apply the book in my life and I am now about to take on new challenges in my life as an entrepreneur. For those who are interested in becoming an entrepreneur, this book is a must to have in their library.”

“As a new business owner, this book has served to inspire me even further, its step by step layout has encouraged me spread the word about entrepreneurship especially to young persons, to encourage them to become entrepreneurs which ultimately, as Jonathan… Read more…

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