Xtensions Salon is a 1st ever specialty salon that brought eyebrow extensions in Manila in 2008. We are a specialty salon for hair, eyelash and eyebrow extensions dedicated to consistently providing high patron compensation by digest glorious service, peculiarity products, and furnishing an beguiling atmosphere during an excusable price/value relationship.

Xtensions’ almost permanent eyelash, hair, and eyebrow extensions demeanour and feel so natural, they can be ragged everyday, as good as for special occasions. So, for pleasing eyelashes, hair and brows demeanour no serve than a latest make adult accessory; almost permanent extensions from Xtensions!

Xtensions Salon is now open for Franchising.

For authorization inquiries, contact:

Xtensions Salon

4th Floor V-Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center,

Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone: (02) 560-6195

Mobile: (0928)710-0009

Email: [email protected]

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